Markets Served

Markets Served

ADS supplies components to a variety of markets across the globe and has produced a large number of innovative products over the years.

The company has been a high volume supplier to the Automotive Industry for over a quarter of a century and one out of every three vehicles produced in the North America features a component produced by ADS. While we are widely known for the dials and appliques used in vehicle instrument clusters and HVAC bezels, we are quickly becoming more known for products featured elsewhere in vehicles, including overhead consoles, center consoles and decorative trim. ADS has also extended its technology to produce some of the first InMolded components used on the exterior of vehicles.

Medical electronics is also a key market for ADS, where product designers can utilize our technologies to style their components with clean, clear lines required by the industry. ADS products are featured on both high capital, hospital-based machines, and the increasingly popular home health care and portable medical device markets. ADS brings both functionality and styling freedom to these markets.

The consumer electronics industry also makes widespread use of ADS products whether it be touch control panels popular on appliance membrane switches, or the decorative demands of the highly styled, fashion conscious, mobile phone market. Our consumer electronics products range from simple rating plates to highly complex user interfaces featuring electronics sensors integrated directly into the decorative component. The company even produced one of the first ever InMold decorated parts using fabrics for use on a computer mouse. The domestic appliance, mobile phone, audio and video markets have all made use of ADS products over the years.

Smaller niche areas such as office automation, recreational vehicles, and even furniture products have benefitted from ADS’ ability to develop solutions to suit these particular markets.