Inside ADS

Inside ADS

Our employees have been here a long time and we work very well together. They are part of the decision-making team. We have processes in place so that everyone knows that they have the latitude to try innovative things.”

– John Allard, Press Operations Manager

Mission Statement

We ensure customer satisfaction through the timely delivery of high quality products.

We believe that our employees are our most valued asset. We are dedicated to their enrichment while providing a safe working environment and job security.

Through continuous improvement and integration of new technology, we will maintain cost effectiveness and our position as an industry leader.

Business Strategy

To facilitate and accelerate growth

To achieve this strategy, we are building the business upon four pillars:

Enhance – Expand – Extend – Empower

We will enhance the business by continuous improvement of what we do in every aspect — operationally, organizationally and financially.

We will expand and extend the business geographically and technologically which will allow us to reach new customers, new markets and gain market share.

We will empower our people and encourage their development and growth to achieve our goals