Product Line

Our product line includes the following markets served:

ADS’ product line extends from deceptively simple graphic and nameplate products, all the way through to highly sophisticated man-machine interface panel assemblies with integrated electronics.

Much of the company’s experience is based on the art of printing graphic images onto modern, light weight plastic materials. In the early days, the company supplied simple electrical rating plates which would be fixed to the rear surface of appliances to carry information such as the product’s voltage rating. Even in this product, there is a lot of science and innovation. It required the development of the art of printing on the reverse surface of clear, plastic film in order to make the images indelible. The ability to make these parts self-adhesive to a variety of surfaces and then resistant to abrasion, chemical cleaning solutions, and UV light all served to enhance the capabilities of this product line.

As the design options of printed plastic products became apparent, ADS’ product line started to appear on the front face of a many products. The ability to style a product for a particular market segment has a great appeal for many product designers and ADS began to produce the front face for consumer electronic products and other domestic appliances.

When automotive instrument cluster products moved away from floodlit, painted metal parts, to backlit plastic components ADS was well placed to develop and command a dominant position in the market. From there, the company’s products began to spread throughout the interior of vehicles included heater controls, PRNDL shifters, and decorative trim. Around the same time, the company produced its first active components when it began printing circuits for use in membrane ‘touch switches’ for products such as microwave ovens.

The third dimension was added to the company’s products during the 1990’s when the art of thermoforming the printed parts into complex shapes was developed along with the ability to injection mold them into rigid stand-alone panels.

Most recently ADS has refined the art of combining its circuit printing ability with its 3D decorative technique to be able to supply intricately shaped, three dimensional capacitive touch switches which feature backlit graphics and all the other styling options for which the company is most well known.